Monday, February 26, 2007

Day Twelve (12)

Reading today: Genesis 29-30, Psalm 12, Matt 5:21-32, Acts 7:39-60

Genesis 29-30
Another story that is hard to see the truth in...a baby-making competition between Leah and Rachel and Jacob's cunning methods of adding to his wealth. It is interesting that Joseph, through whom the blessing would continue most notably is the one child born to Rachel and Jacob - the original "couple"...perhaps I'm reading too much into it though.
I don't know what else to write! Once again I'm puzzled...

Psalm 12
The Lord rises up to rescue the helpless and the poor. He hears and he responds. His promises are pure - no deception, no fudging, no half-committals. Just pure promise.

Matthew 5:21-32
In verses 23-24, Jesus is linking our relationship with God to our relationship with people. The two are interconnected and affect one another - in other words, the two "greatest" commandments (love of God, love of neighbour) are really inseparable.

Here, Jesus is teaching the people, saying "you have heard...but I say". He is completely re-interpreting the law! What does this mean? Murder --> anger at someone, adultery --> lust. And clearly Jesus isn't saying to actually gouge your eye out, so what is he saying? I think I need some more time on this one...

Acts 7:39-60
I was excited to read this today and it cut off in the middle of Stephen's story. What an intense ending! Stephen essentially calls the Jewish people 'heathens' because their faith is centred around the Temple, rather than the Most High Himself. They have killed the messengers of God in their midst. And what an incredible vision he must have had seeing the ascended Christ. His death is reminiscent of Christ's in that as the end approaches, he again prays to God that He would not hold this sin against the authorities. Wow. We have a hard enough time forgiving our good friends and family, yet Stephen seems to think nothing of forgiving the very people who are unfairly stoning him to death.

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